LTWRAP Online 2021

Reflections of LTWRAP Online 2021

LTWRAP went online in 2021 with four days of live content to cover multiple time zones at once. There was on demand availability of all sessions during the 18th-21st or 19th-22nd November, depending on the time zone. 

Although not of our choosing, LTWRAP Online was an enormous success. This year we had over 130 registrants – our highest ever – with attendees from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, and the United States. What this has enabled is an excellent launching pad for further connections and international collaboration. Our themes were:

  • Getting off the ground – preparing for an advanced practice; transitioning to practice
  • Making a difference – setting standards; building evidence; measuring impact
  • New roles, new directions – implementing an advanced practice role or service; new models or ideas

For me, LTWRAP Online provided huge opportunities to further explore education and training for advanced practice, to share and learn from others who are further along the advanced practice implementation pathway, and also to look towards collaborative research to measure broader impacts. With speakers sharing their experiences from across the globe, LTWRAP was (again) a melting pot of ideas and inspiration.

LTWRAP Online also highlighted those areas where we still need to find the answers, such as the role of professional accreditation and regulation, funding for advanced practice, the future impacts of technology and changing practice, as well as the social context in terms of inter and intra professional relationships and boundaries. Additionally, I think we have an opportunity to further explore the role patients can have as partners of the care we deliver, and in measuring the impact on them. I sense these conversations will continue in the coming months and years as we head towards LTWRAP 2023.

It was my absolute privilege to convene LTWRAP Online 2021. It was clearly evident from all of our speakers that advanced practitioners are truly ‘Leading the Way’ – this is nothing short of inspiring.

Kristie Matthews, Convenor LTWRAP Online 2021

Convening Committee:

Kristie Matthews (Chair, Aus)
Rachel Harris, James Harcus, Jo MacNamara & Nick Woznitza (UK)
Amanda Bolderston (CAN)
Mary Job, Caroline Wright & Nigel Anderson (Aus) 

You can find conference Twitter highlights via Wakelet. 

LTWRAP2021 abstracts are available in the Journal of Radiation Sciences. 

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