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LTWRAP began in 2016 as a two-day conference held at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. Initially conceived by colleagues chatting on Social Media, the first event brought together medical radiation science professionals (radiographers) from all over the world who were interested in advanced practice. After the inaugural meeting, the ripples of LTWRAP continued to spread, leading to the second conference at the Michener Institute in Toronto, Canada in 2018. After COVID made it impossible to hold the conference in Melbourne 2020, the third LTWRAP event was held as a successful virtual event in November 2021. Our next event will be in Singapore in November 2023. 

Today LTWRAP is a global group of passionate people working towards the advancement of the medical radiation sciences professions.

Our ethos is to:

  • Share and develop best practice
  • Promote our profession
  • Inspire the next generation
  • Provide peer support and encouragement

As well as learning about the past conferences we hope you find some useful resources and connections.

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